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"From our first conversation and meeting we knew we had picked the BEST! Christa's work is amazing...every picture was beautiful. I trusted her judgment -- even when I didn't know what the pictures would be like, they always turned out amazing. Even the few ideas I had in my head, she brought them to life perfectly. Our wedding was busy and went by fast just like everyone said. She and her team were so helpful and professional. Every single picture from before the wedding, during, and the reception were absolutely perfect! My favorite part was how they were able to sneak Craig and me away from everyone at the reception and we had a "slow-down moment" where we just stopped and enjoyed the night. For just a split second the wedding didn't seem to be going by at lightning speed, and we both appreciated that moment so much."

Craig & Sarah

Andrew & Amanda

"Christa is tremendously talented behind the camera, but what truly sets her apart from other photographers is how she guides you through what is a very overwhelming and emotional day. The very best example of her guidance was how she choreographed our family portraits. We have some wonderful traditional shots of everyone looking straight at the camera, but the very best ones are where Christa provided us with little prompts to encourage candid moments, like “Tell Amanda what you hope for in their first year of marriage” or “When did you know Andrew & Amanda were ‘the one’ for each other.” Her thoughtfulness turned what could have been a tedious wedding day task into one of the most memorable parts of the day for our families. The pictures of us laughing together and sharing an extra special moment away from the party are completely priceless. My family and I have remarked a number of times that we can't imagine reliving our wedding day without Christa there with us."

"We LOVE the engagement pictures. You did an absolutely wonderful job, and we are now even more excited to have you there for the wedding! We've had so many compliments on them, and everyone says that we picked a great photographer! We agree. Thanks again for all of your help, and we can't wait to see you in a couple of months!"


Nathaniel & Lauren

Dinah (Mother of the Groom)

"The moments you captured with your lens are very special, but they are more than that. You clearly have a way of seeing through the lens to the emotion behind every moment you captured. I wish I could tell you my favorites, but I love them all for different are a very talented artist indeed, really wonderful at your craft, and able to put those being photographed at ease so readily. When you were photographing Andrew and me before the wedding and gave us a prompt to talk about something which confused me a little (was I just excited?), I will always remember you saying "Don't overthink it." Thank you for that thoughtful direction, allowing me to just enjoy the moment with my son, which you then captured so beautifully."

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